How to Plan for Retirement | Patrick Cote | Show 124

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Financial Advisor, Retirement Plan

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How to Plan for Retirement | Patrick Cote | Show 124

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Plan for Retirement

About Patrick Cote:

AssetGrade is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm that provides financial planning and investment management services for HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) and businesses. Prior to launching AssetGrade in 2013, Pat held a number of executive roles at Fidelity Investments, including running operations for communications and investment reviews for more than 13,000 clients with retirement plan assets totaling more than $600 billion. Pat also ran strategy and acquisitions for OneShield, a KKR-backed insurance software and services provider. He is a former strategy consultant from Bain & Company in London and Boston. Pat is a Chartered Financial Analyst® and earned his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and his undergraduate degree from McGill University.

Patrick R. Côté,

Founding Partner


(617) 933 7257


0:00​ – How to Plan for Retirement
00:51 – How did Patrick become a financial advisor?
01:50 – Patrick’s advice for people who are unable to retire due to financial obligations
07:03 – Patrick’s advice for people that start their businesses late
09:35 – What are the strategic differences between being an entrepreneur and a wage earner?
12:08 – How does Patrick prepare his clients for what their future lifestyle would be like?
13:46 – What are Patrick’s clients’ retirement misconceptions? 
15:33 – How damaging are credit cards?
22:21 Who is Patrick’s ideal client? 
23:52 – What are Patrick’s strategies for dealing with clients?
25:38 – What is the difference between a fee-only financial advisor and someone who earns a commission by selling a product or service?
28:52 – Who is the type of person Patrick wants to work?
31:35 – Why investing in only one company is a bad idea?
32:46 – What is the advice Patrick has given as a result of COVID?
34:11 – How does Patrick handle clients who want to invest in S&P 500 Index Funds?
36:30 – People should consider their stock portfolio in the same way they consider the investment in their home

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