How to Protect and Back Up Your Data | An Interview with Cathy Miron | Show 179

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Data Protection

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How to Protect and Back Up Your Data | An Interview with Cathy Miron | Show 179

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Protect and Back Up Your Data

On today’s Inside BS Show with the Godfather and Nicki G, Dave and Nicola interview Cathy Miron, VEO of E

In this insightful video, Cathy Miron delves deep into the realm of data protection while simultaneously shedding light on her journey as a successful female CEO in the tech industry.

The video begins with a captivating session by Dave and Nicola, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding data. Cathy soon shares her personal trajectory, from her early memories and inspirations to her venture into the dynamic world of technology. She reflects on the motivations behind her entrepreneurial pursuits and offers a detailed overview of her approach to company acquisitions.

Shifting focus to the challenges, Cathy reveals the hurdles she encountered upon assuming leadership at Esilo. Her decision-making processes, particularly in navigating the sea of advice that entrepreneurs often receive, is another highlight. She further unveils the strategic framework that underpins her business.

A deeply personal segment sees Cathy discussing the profound impact her parents’ journey had on her aspirations and ethos. She subsequently addresses the unique experiences and trials of navigating the tech world as a female CEO.

On the technical front, Cathy elucidates Esilio’s distinctive business model and provides guidance for startups considering Esilio’s services. A deep dive into the intricacies of real back-up systems and data protection mechanisms offers viewers a comprehensive understanding of these critical areas. Practical advice is also at the forefront, with Cathy highlighting best practices for password storage and introducing the concept of VPNs. The video concludes with a glimpse into Esilio’s strategies for establishing its footprint in New York.

This video serves as a treasure trove of personal anecdotes, business acumen, and tech-savvy advice, catering to entrepreneurs, tech aficionados, and those keen to grasp data protection’s intricate landscape.


00:00​ – How to Back Up and Protect Your Data
00:30 – Dave and Nicola Scare Everyone
04:23 – Cathy’s Story
07:15 – How Cathy Got Into Tech
10:21 – Why Cathy Became an Entrepreneur
11:50 – What Was Cathy’s Process for Buying a Company?
14:00 – What Were Some Early Challenges Cathy Faced at Esilo? 
16:25 – How Does Cathy Decide What Advice to Take?
21:00 – Cathy Shares How She Structures Her Business
25:20 – How Did Cathy’s Parents’ Journey Impact Her?
28:44 – What Is It Like Being a Female CEO in a Male-Dominated Tech Field?
32:50 – What is the Esilio Business Model?
39:30 – How Early in Start-up Phase Should a Company Retain Esilo?
43:10 – What is a Real Back-up System?
52:00 – How is Back-up Data Protected?
55:20 – What is the Best Place to Store Your Passwords?    57:55 What is a VPN                                                              
59:48 How Does Esilio Generate New York

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