How to Protect What You Have In Mind and Build Valuable Relationships | Marc Hankin | Show 112

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Attorney, Business Development, Intellectual Property

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How to Protect What You Have In Mind and Build Valuable Relationships | Marc Hankin | Show 112

by Dave Lorenzo

On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Marc Hankin. Marc is an outstanding Intellectual Property Attorney who grows his business through relationship-based business development. Marc focuses on delivering value to others and helping them grow and that formula has helped him become one of the most connected lawyers in the United States.

The first half of this interview is about the value of intellectual property to a business. The second half is about networking, developing relationships, and growing your law firm.

Join us for this fantastic conversation with Marc Hankin, a Master of Intellectual property and Networking.


00:00 – How to Protect What You Have In Mind and Build Valuable Relationships
00:59 – How Did Marc Become an Intellectual Property Attorney?
01:46 – What Types of Patents Does Marc Work With?
04:17 – How Can Intellectual Property Increase the Value of a Business?
07:07 – How Does a Copyright Protect Intellectual Property?
10:46 – What is a Trademark Application?
12:22 – How Important is a Trademark in Business? 
23:00 – What are Trade Secrets, and Why are They Important?
25:48 – How Can Intellectual Property Be Licensed?
29:19 – Why Do You Need a Firm that Focuses on IP Litigation for Patent Cases?
33:48 – How Did Marc Make his Way from the East Coast to the West Coast?
35:36 – How did Marc Grow his Business?
41:36 – How Helpful is a Networking Group in Helping your Business Grow?
47:03 – How do you Maximize the Value of Becoming a Member of Provisors?
51:33 – How beneficial is Marc’s membership in Provisors?
57:43 – What is Marc’s Advice to people that have Concerns with Competitors?

Marc Hankin Intellectual Property Attorney Hankin Patent Law (310) 979-3600

About Marc Hankin: Marc E. Hankin, Esq., of Hankin Patent Law, APC, is a Registered Patent Attorney with a strong science background who has had extensive involvement as the lead lawyer in all areas of intellectual property law, including: patent preparation, prosecution, and licensing; trademark and copyright registration and licensing; intellectual property disputes and litigating patent, trademark, and copyright infringements; domain name disputes; thefts of trade secrets; and other unfair competition matters. Marc has been the First Chair Litigator on a wide variety of IP matters for companies and universities ranging in size from solo inventors to start-ups through the top of the Fortune 500, and every size in between. Marc has been hired to testify at Trial and Deposition a dozen times as an Expert Witness and served as a Special Assistant Attorney General regarding a patent infringement matter. Marc has a sub-specialty in providing patent services for domestic and foreign Colleges and Universities, and served for several years as the Chair of the ABA University IP Law Committee.

Marc advises owners and managers of all sized businesses on how best to protect their valuable technology and creative works, through patent prosecution, trademark and copyright registration, licensing agreements, and trade secret protection. For more than thirty-three (33) years, Marc has counseled clients, including manufacturers and distributors in many different industries, including: software, hardware, visual effects, robotics, home theater, optical, dental, and medical devices, footwear, garments, jewelry, food, cannabis, vaping, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements. Marc is quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of issues in the mechanical, chemical, and electrical arts, and also has been hired as a Mediator for IP disputes.

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