How to Reach B2B Decision Makers | 5 Steps to Winning B2B Sales

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Leads, Sales

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How to Reach B2B Decision Makers

If you are looking to connect with more B2B business leaders, today’s show will help you quite a bit. watch this episode of the Inside BS Show to discover the 5 steps to winning B2B sales.

Be sure and watch to the end of the video when I share a B2B success story that almost wasn’t – I almost made a big mistake.


00:00 РHow to Reach B2B Decision Makers РIntro 
00:55 – Start High
03:51 – Connect with the Assistant
06:22 – Look for Influencers
07:20 – Charity
08:10 – Media
09:32 – Don’t Make This Mistake

ūüďļWatch and Enjoy!

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