How to Reduce Your Business Expenses The Fast and Easy Way | Mark Sternberg | #23

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Business, Business Expenses

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How to Reduce Your Business Expenses The Fast and Easy Way | Mark Sternberg | #23

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Reduce Your Business Expenses The Fast and Easy Way | Mark Sternberg | #23

Who else wants to save money? If you’d like to take more money home or you’re concerned about your bottom line or you just want some fresh ideas about cost savings, this episode of the Inside BS is for you. On today’s show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Mark Sternberg, a cost reduction consultant who helps business owners take home more money. How does he do it? Join us for this episode of the Inside BS Show.


00:00 – How to Reduce Your Expenses The Fast and Easy Way
01:33 – How did Mark Become an Expense Reduction Consultant?
04:50 – How does Mark’s Background in Hospitality Help Him as a Cost Savings Consultant?
09:00 – What is the Difference Between “The Top of the P&L and the Bottom of the P&L?
13:00 – How Does Steve’s Fee Structure Work? Nobody Pays If They Don’t Save Money? Really?
17:45 – Mark Tells Gives Us a Case Study and Success Story
23:00 – Which Industries Make The Most Sense for Mark? 
23:20 – Does Mark Have Specific Vendors He Gets Better Deals From?
 26:30 – How Does a Business Owner Introduce Mark to His/Her Accountant?
29:00 – Can Mark Work with a Multi-Unit Business Owner? How Does that Impact Success?
30:25 – Will Mark Work on a Distressed Asset or with Private Equity Funds Buying Assets?
31:30 – How Does Contract Review Work When Mark Finds Them?
33:00 – What is the Ramp Up Period for Mark to Start Saving a Company Money?

Mark Sternberg Expense Reduction Analyst (847) 875-3663…

About Mark Sternberg:

Mark Sternberg is a Principal Consultant based in Chicago, Illinois, focusing on the hospitality and food and beverage industries. Mark brings to ERA over 40 years serving in the hospitality industry. He has served in a number of senior management and executive roles with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Hyatt Hotels. Mark has held positions in sales, marketing, catering, operations, finance, and HR. Sternberg owned and operated a high-end niche market catering business in the Chicagoland area for 16 years. He served many of the Fortune 500 companies/executives at top venues around Chicago. Following the sale of the business, Mark turned his talents to assisting local country clubs with perfecting their food and beverage options.

Mark enjoys helping companies reach their capacity by guiding them to operate at the most effective and efficient levels while assisting them in being creative and highlighting the best elements of their operation. He is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area and received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in management and marketing. Mark resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, with his wife and three children.

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