How to Start a Business Conversation | Show 165

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Business Conversation

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How to Start a Business Conversation

Ever stumbled on your words when trying to strike up a business conversation? In this episode, Dave Lorenzo, the godfather of growth, and his partner Nicola Gelormino, also known as Nicki G., dive deep into the nuances of initiating business conversations, especially if you’re an introvert!

*Key Points:*

– Why even extroverts like Dave can find starting conversations challenging.

– The power of establishing points of commonality as conversation starters.

– Nicola’s pro tip on how to navigate situations when you haven’t had a chance to research the person in advance.

– The “Wingman Approach”: Why having someone to introduce you might be the game-changer you need.

– A little-known technique: Using event organizers to make introductions.

– The importance of a kind word and a warm smile to break the ice.

Remember, a successful business conversation could be a gateway to incredible opportunities.


00:00​ – How to Start a Business Conversation
02:00​ – Good-Looking People Have An Advantage
05:05 – Find Points of Commonality
12:08 – Wingman Approach
14:37 – Work With The Event Organizer

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