How to Tell Better Stories | Karl Pontau | Show 122

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Business, Story Telling

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How to Tell Better Stories | Karl Pontau | Show 122

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Tell Better Stories

About Karl (from Karl’s point of view) I’m the owner of Squash and Stretch Productions, and help people who want to have a big impact on their communities attract more of their best clients and employees with engaging empathetic stories. I beat two brain tumors when I was 15, thanks to the help of my friends, family, community, and medical team. It’s why I’m so driven to help others build the sort of strong, empathetic connections that got me through the worst year of my life.

If I could cast a spell that made everybody on Earth as empathetic as humanly possible – but casting the spell would kill me – I’d do it.

It would solve big problems we’re facing like political and social divides, war, and inequality. And, it’d make challenges like Climate Change, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s much easier to overcome. I enjoy working with professionals in the tech, biotech, healthcare, and professional services industries and believe that everybody has a story worth sharing.

Karl Pontau                                                                                (925) 386-2274                                  


00:00 – How to Tell Better Stories
00:57 – How did Karl get to be the guy who helps people tell better stories?
03:51 – What is the outcome of Karl’s brain tumor diagnosis?
07:02 – How did Karl come up with the name Squash and Stretch, and who are their ideal clients?
08:57 – How does Karl assist his client?
11:47 – What are the components of a good story?
15:17 – How Story Can Help Business Experience
19:05 – How stories can be a major differentiator in any business?

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