How to Use Video to Tell a Story | Mellissa Costello | Show 63

by | May 4, 2022 | Marketing, Video and Digital Communication

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How to Use Video to Tell a Story | Mellissa Costello | Show 63

by Dave Lorenzo

How to Use Video to Tell a Story

This is a great episode of The Inside BS Show. Dave Lorenzo interviews Melissa Costello, producer, director and chief storyteller. Melissa shares her secrets to her success in developing video that moves people to action.


00:00  – How to Use Video to Tell a Story
01:45  – Why is it important to use video to make an emotional connection?
05:49  – Do you have to be charismatic to be good a video?
08:36  – What is Dave’s motivation for making a video?
13:17  – What doesn’t Melissa use a Story Arc?
17:43  – How Does Melissa assist her clients in creating a beautiful story out of dry material?
21:52  – What is the objective of a video interview? 
23:09  – How to test your content to ensure that it will resonate with the proper audience
31:50  – How does Melissa get her clients to tell emotional and genuine stories?
33:58  – Describe the power of testimonials to convey authenticity to your audience
36:49  – What is Melissa’s process when working with a client?
40:03  – What is the Value of Editing Process
43:05  – How can Melissa assist clients in understanding what is relatable to the audience?


Melissa Costello Chief Storyteller (312) 305-7500

About Melissa Costello: Melissa Costello is the Creative Director and chief storyteller for MELISSACOSTELLO.COM’s video-centric take on branding and marketing. Telling stories and building brands that impact people’s businesses and people’s lives is her passion. Her upbringing engaged her in a lively mix of both the fine arts and the marketing arts, joint passions shared by numerous members of the extended family. It’s in the blood as is a restless curiosity. Costello has been awarded both domestic and international honors for the videos and television commercials she has produced for more than 30 years through her companies in Chicago and Los Angeles, and in collaboration with former political media consultant, David Axelrod for clients such as President Barack Obama and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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