Human Resources Increases Business Value | Gina Nelson, The HR Genius | Show 192

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Business Value, Human Resources

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Human Resources Increases Business Value | Gina Nelson, The HR Genius | Show 192

by Dave Lorenzo

On today’s show, hosts Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino sit down with special guest, Gina Nelson, a seasoned HR expert. Together, they delve deep into the intricacies of Human Resources, emphasizing its foundational role in establishing successful companies.

Topics Discussed Include:

1. Introduction of Gina Nelson: A comprehensive overview of Gina Nelson, delving into her expertise in HR.
2. Gina’s Journey to HR: How she ventured into the world of HR and the challenges and successes she encountered along the way.

3. Attracting, Onboarding, and Retaining Top Talent: The emphasis on the necessity for companies to not just attract, but also onboard and retain the best talent in the industry.

4. The Value of Perseverance and Leadership: Gina’s personal testament to the impact of perseverance and the importance of robust leadership in the HR field.

5. Essential HR Infrastructure for Small Businesses: The critical role that a well-structured HR system plays, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

6. Missed Opportunities in HR: A look into the areas often overlooked in HR, from inadequate training to the non-adherence of regulatory norms.

7. Navigating the Return-to-Work Process: Addressing the challenges and possibilities of reintegrating employees post-pandemic, emphasizing the role of clear communication and flexibility.

8. Performance Appraisals as Development Tools: The transformative role of performance evaluations in nurturing employee growth and potential.

9. Foundational HR Practices: Highlighting vital HR functions and practices, including crafting clear job descriptions, efficient onboarding, meticulous performance management, and retention strategies.

10. When to Hire a Dedicated HR Professional: Recognizing the pivotal moments when a company should invest in a dedicated HR individual, based on business size and its complexities.

11. Fractional vs. Full-Time HR Professionals: Exploring the pros and cons of hiring a fractional HR professional over a full-time individual, considering the business’s specific needs and scale.

The insights and expertise shared by Gina serve as a vital guide for businesses to understand, refine, and harness the potential of their HR practices, ensuring consistent growth and success in the industry.

00:00 Human Resources Increases Business Value
01:07 Gina Shares Her Background
03:50 The Work Event That Changed Everything
08:20 What Makes Gina a Great HR Pro?
10:08 HR Needs for Small Businesses
11:50 What is the Low-Hanging fruit in HR?
16:11 How to Identify HR Issues in your Business
19:09 Recruiting Best Practices
23:17 Return To Office: What Should You Do?
34:16 Performance Appraisals as a Development Tool
38:22 Foundational HR Needs for Every Business
40:36 How Do You Handle HR Issues as a CEO?
42:00 When Should a Company Bring in an HR Leader?
45:00 Inhouse vs. Fractional HR Teams – Advantages

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