Inclusiveness as a Competitive Advantage | Trisha Daho | Show #8

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Inclusiveness

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Inclusiveness as a Competitive Advantage | Trisha Daho | Show #8

by Dave Lorenzo

Is your firm as inclusive as it can be? If you’re asking yourself this question, you need to watch today’s Inside BS Show. On this episode, Dave Lorenzo interviews Trisha Daho, the Founder of Empowered, LLC. And we discover how inclusiveness is a competitive advantage.


00:00 – Introduction to Inclusiveness as a Competitive Advantage
01:40 – Trish Daho’s Background
04:00 – How Dave Lorenzo Realized the Diversity Gap in His Work
06:00 – Where Should We Start?
07:25 – Why a Diversity Initiative is Problematic If You Haven’t Addressed in Within Your Culture First
09:00 – “The Buzzwords Don’t Do It for Me”
11:00 – How You REALLY Find the Best People 
12:55 How Do You Recruit People of Color When There Are No People of Color in Leadership?
16:00 – Recognize Underrepresented Groups and Focus on Programs to Nurture Their Growth
17:30 – Diversity as Competitive Advantage
20:00 – How Do You Make Strategic Decisions About Diversity?
24:00 – The Value of Societal Role Models
25:00 – Every Cultural Measure is 25% Better (at least) Here’s Why
27:30 – How Does Trisha Go into an “Old Boys Network” and Help Them?
30:30 – Business Strategy and DEI are the Same Thing
34:00 – How Do We Bring Up the Subject of Brining a DEI Consultant into a Client Business?                                     36:00 How Do We Add More Women into Leadership Ranks of Companies?                                                            38:46 What is Trisha’s Favorite Type of Client to Work With?                                                                                         41:00 How Do We Pitch Trisha?                                          42:30 What Have You Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic                                                                                     45:00 What is the Best Place To Start?

Trisha Daho’s Contact Information (224) 938-3348

About Trisha Daho Trisha spent most of her career leading large, diverse teams toward the delivery of value for her clients at a Big 4 Accounting and Advisory firm, wherein she served as a partner. She has been pivotal in the discovery and sustainability of value in the billions of dollars for her clients. She has worked with executives and their teams in dozens of Fortune 500 companies in the majority of states. She has also created enormous value for entrepreneurs, high growth companies, and aspiring start-ups.

Having made partner in a Big 4 accounting firm in 9 years, Trisha was charged with building thriving practices from scratch in 4 different regions of the country. Through laser-focused strategies and the ability to scale talent and service delivery quickly, she was able to create growth businesses that have expanded exponentially. The leaders she’s cultivated have gone on to be partners, CFOs, CEOs, and much more.

With her own company, Empowered, Trisha partners with C-suites and managing partners to think, plan, and execute strategically for the purpose of accelerated and sustainable growth, primarily in professional service firms. She also partners with larger firms to create success for women and diverse people who are entering leadership positions through a diversity and inclusion peer advisory experience focused on strategy, high performing teams, and advocacy in leadership. With a law degree from Case Western Reserve University and a business degree from Miami University, Trisha brings practical results-driven insights as well as leadership acumen. She regularly writes and speaks on a variety of topics, including authenticity in leadership, high impact teams, creating growth cultures, diversity, and inclusion, and many more.

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