Inside the World of Private Equity | Ron Geffner | #49

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Law Firm, Private Equity

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Inside the World of Private Equity | Ron Geffner | #49

by Dave Lorenzo

Inside the World of Private Equity

Wouldn’t it be great to look over the shoulder of an SEC enforcement official and see what he sees? Do you ever wonder what Private Equity funds do and how they do it? Have you thought about how the affluent invest their money?

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Ron Geffner. He has lived and worked in this world for his entire career. Ron pulls back the curtain on all of this and takes us behind the scenes in the world of Private Equity.


00:00 – Introduction to the World of Private Equity
01:46 – How did Ron end up at the SEC?
03:37 – How does the SEC Keep up with people who run afoul of the law?
10:07 – Intro to Cannabis Funds
15:31 – How does a Capital Raise Take Place?
19:44 – Is it Necessary to Register a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?
21:43 – What is a Family Office? 
26:52 – What is the Difference Between Single-family offices and Multi-family Offices?
34:16 – Who Needs to Take the Series 7 Exam?
37:29 – Is Family Office Space a Good Place To Go To Raise Money?
37:56 – What is a SPAC?
41:16 – Who is the Ideal Person, Company or Firm For Us to Connect to Ron?

Ron Geffner

Ex-SEC Enforcement Lawyer

(212) 573-6660

About Ron Geffner:

Ron S. Geffner is a founding member of the firm’s Executive Committee and also oversees the Financial Services group. He regularly structures, organizes, and counsels private investment vehicles, investment advisory organizations, broker-dealers, commodity pool operators and other investment fiduciaries. Ron also routinely counsels clients in connection with regulatory investigations and actions. His broad background with federal and state securities laws, and the rules, regulations and customary practices of the SEC, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Commodities Futures Trading Commission and various other regulatory bodies, enables him to provide strategic guidance to a diverse clientele. He provides legal services to hundreds of hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds organized in the United States and offshore.

Ron began his legal career with the SEC, where he investigated and prosecuted violations of the federal securities laws with an emphasis on enforcement in connection with violations of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and the Investment Company Act of 1940. He also assisted federal and state criminal agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, in their investigations of possible criminal violations of federal and state securities laws.

Ron is often interviewed as a legal expert in the securities industry. He has appeared on Fox News, CBS Morning Show, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, Squawk Box, Power Lunch and Closing Bell on CNBC, British Broadcasting Channel and Bloomberg Radio. He is regularly quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Barron’s, Barron’s Online, Reuters, Dow Jones, Financial Times, New York Newsday, London Daily News,, Private Equity Week and other national and international publications.

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