Inside the World of Succession Planning | Warren Rutherford | Show 126

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Succession Planning, Succession-Based Executive Search

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Inside the World of Succession Planning | Warren Rutherford | Show 126

by Dave Lorenzo

Inside the World of Succession Planning

About Warren Rutherford Warren Rutherford is the Owner of Rutherford Advisors, Inc. DBA The Executive Suite, located in Hyannis, MA USA since 2004. He provides succession-based executive search and C-level search services to closely held and family owned businesses. A graduate of UMass Amherst with a degree in Political Science and Northeastern University with a masters degree in Public Administration, Warren has certifications as a One Page Business Plan consultant, an Innermetrix consultant, and is a master coach. He has developed a talent assessment system for use in his executive search services to create a “person-future fit” for each executive search assignment. Personal – he is married to Carol, 2 grown children, Kevin and Keri, and a growing golden retriever, Layla.

Warren Rutherford                                                      Succession-Based Executive Search Expert                        (508) 778-7700                          


00:00​  – Inside the World of Succession Planning
01:13  – How did Warren become a Succession-Based Executive Search Expert?
03:30 – What exactly is a Succession-Based Executive Search?
05:28 – What percentage of Warren’s deals does that CEO get when purchasing a company?
06:46 – How does Warren assist his clients in realizing their business goals?
09:43 – What size firm would be ideal for Warren’s business?
11:31  – How does Warren make certain that he is hiring the right person for the CEO position? 
13:25 – What is Warren’s approach to winning clients’ trust in finding the right professionals for the position?
15:48 What is Warren’s opinion on what people should and should not post online?                                                        21:53 – How does Warren handle sensitive topics during the interview?
24:00 – What is Warren’s recommendation to an applicant with a poor credit history?
26:58 – How does Warren manage to work in multiple states?
28:21 – How can clients find Warren Rutherford?
29:56 – What aspect of Warren’s appeal most surprised him?
30:59 – What industries aren’t a good fit for Warren’s business?

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