Is It Too Late to Plan for Your Financial Future? | Michael Resnick | Show 75

by | May 24, 2022 | Financial Planning

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Is It Too Late to Plan for Your Financial Future? | Michael Resnick | Show 75

by Dave Lorenzo

Is It Too Late to Plan for Your Financial Future? We answer that question and many of the pressing questions of the day as Dave Lorenzo interviews Financial Advisor Michael Resnick on this episode of The Inside BS Show.


00:00 – Is It Too Late to Plan for Your Financial Future?
01:04 – How did Michael become a Certified Financial Planner?
02:21 – What is the process of becoming a Certified Financial Planner?
04:04 – What drives people to seek the services of a Financial Planner?
08:31 – How can Financial Planners assist clients with Tax Planning?
11:44 – Why should you hire a financial adviser instead of investing or trading if you inherit money?
14:07 – How might a CFP assist with portfolio balance to help limit risk? Experience
19:51 – What is the importance of Time Horizon in Investment?
20:37 – Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin and NFTs?

Michael Resnick Certified Financial Planner Alera Group (847) 457-3206

About Michael Resnick: Michael Resnick’s business experience extends from the financial markets and risk mitigation to financial planning for business owners and families. At Alera Wealth Services, his focus is on helping families and business owners grow and protect their wealth in a tax-efficient manner, helping to allow the transfer of that wealth to future generations. Always the entrepreneur, Michael has built businesses on the trading floors of Chicago as well as in the fast-paced world of hedge funds. His practice at GCG is built around relationships with his clients that extend beyond the products used to implement the financial strategies. His philosophy is that the plan itself is paramount to the success of his clients.

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