Is Your Business Safe From a Cyber Attack? IT’S NOT | Daniel Cotter | #2

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Attorney, Cyber Attack

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Is Your Business Safe From a Cyber Attack? IT'S NOT | Daniel Cotter | #2

by Dave Lorenzo

Only big companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks and ransomware, right? WRONG! Your company or professional firm is just as likely to be a victim of a cyber crime as a FORTUNE 500 company. In fact, smaller businesses and professional firms are even more vulnerable than large firms because they don’t often take this threat seriously.

What should you do to prevent an attack? What can you do after an incident has taken place? You preparation and your initial response may just save your company. It is that serious.

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Dan Cotter. Dan is an attorney who handles cyber issues and the response to cyber incidents. Use this show as a best practice session for your business and call Dan if you have any questions.

Dan Cotter’s Contact Info: (312) 456-3674

The information contained on this Inside BS Show (a) has been offered for informational purposes only, (b) does not constitute legal advice, and (c) is not guaranteed to be complete, up-to-date, or accurate in all respects.


00:00 – Why is Cyber Security Important?
00:50 – Introduction to Dan Cotter
01:30 – What Scares a Lawyer About Hackers?
03:00 – Dave Tells a Scary Phishing Story
05:47 – The Elements of Online Fraud
08:24 – Who are Hackers and Spammers After?
10:00 – The Reason You Should Never Save Credit Card Information 
16:19How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack Liability
18:00 – Why You Must Do Cyber Audits and How to Do Them
22:00 – How Cyber Insurance Works
23:45 – When Should Management or a Board of Directors Member Hire a Personal Attorney?
26:15 – What Homework Should You Do If Considering an Appointment to a Board?
28:29 – How Dan Got Started as a Business Attorney
30:15 – Dan’s Best Advice to Young Attorneys
32:28 – How Does Dan Attract Clients?
33:30 – Who is Dan’s Ideal Client?                                       
34:45 How to Reach Dan

Dan Cotter’s Bio

Dan Cotter is an experienced attorney who has served in a variety of legal roles in his career, including as general counsel of a large life insurance company, as well as extensive experience in private practice. Dan’s mix of clients includes insurance companies and other financial institutions, IT and consulting companies, and nonprofits. He has been working on privacy and cybersecurity issues since 1996, including development of terms and conditions and disclaimers on Fortune 500 websites in the late 1990s. He has been the chief privacy officer of several companies and law firms, and has extensive experience as in-house counsel. Dan is experienced in dealing with complex insurance regulatory issues and transactions, and substantial reorganizations of holding company systems. Throughout his career, he has negotiated thousands of contracts from simple to complex, including outsourcing. He also has substantial experience with internal investigations and employment-related issues.

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