Keeping the Chicago Real Estate Market Fair for Tenants | David Liebman | Show 88

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Real Estate, Tenant Representative

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Keeping the Chicago Real Estate Market Fair for Tenants | David Liebman | Show 88

by Dave Lorenzo

Keeping the Chicago Real Estate Market Fair for Tenants

On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews David Liebman. David is a Real Estate professional who represents commercial property tenants. He is also a hockey referee. How are those two roles similar? How are they different? Join us to find out.


00:00 – Keeping the Chicago Real Estate market Fair for Tenants
00:47 – Why did David choose to work as a tenant representative?
05:47 – What are the benefits of working with new people versus experienced people in the market?
08:11 – What is the leverage of business tenants staying in a commercial space?
12:15 – What is it that David does that makes people go WOW?
18:21 – How difficult is negotiating with an entity rather than a single landlord?
21:52 – What is unique about the Chicago Real Estate market? 
25:37 – What does the future of commercial Real Estate in Chicago look like?
28:53 – How did David become a hockey referee?
31:42 – How does David handle hockey parents when things get heated?
34:11 – How can a baseball coach and a hockey referee set a good example for their teams and their children’s parents?

David Liebman Tennant & Buyer Representative Merit Brokers, LLC (847) 721-6088

About David Liebman:

We create superior negotiating leverage for Commercial Tenants, Buyers, & Investors so that landlords and sellers COMPETE for our clients. We make landlords and sellers COMPETE for our clients, the Tenants, Buyers, & Investors of Industrial and Office Properties. Our Secret Sauce: NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST with owners & landlords — we exclusively rep ONLY the buyers & tenants; superior negotiation skills honed over 32+ years; high attention to detail; prior legal experience; and EXCEPTIONAL personal service! We work in the Chicago Metro area as well as providing national and international representation through the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors ( and ProVisors brokers and influencer relationships. RESULT: THE best deals for our clients in their respective markets!

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