Leadership Secrets from the Stage to the Boardroom | Sarah Finch | Show 92

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Improvisation, Leadership

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Leadership Secrets from the Stage to the Boardroom | Sarah Finch | Show 92

by Dave Lorenzo

Leadership Secrets from the Stage to the Boardroom If you are a business leader, this is the show for you.

If you are a professional speaker, this is the show for you. If you want to be more confident in sales or as an entrepreneur, this is the show for you. Join Dave Lorenzo as he interviews Sarah Finch on this edition of The Inside BS Show.


00:00 – Leadership Secrets from the Stage to the Boardroom
01:10 – How did Sarah become interested in Improvisation?
02:53 – How improv and stand-up can help you improve your corporate performance
05:54 – What should a new improv performer do to be successful in business?
07:39 – Dave’s Three Improv Concepts for Successful Client Business
10:58 – How to prepare for an improv scene, as well as a sales meeting or consultative session
13:56 – Sarah’s improv training has taught her how to deal with unexpected shock. 
16:05 – How improv helped Dave connect with his audience more effectively
18:26 – How Sarah’s theatrical background helped her speaking career
20:22 – How Sarah put together her conference keynote speech
23:55 – What is the best way to use humor in the workplace
31:23 – A case study on how Sarah’s theater experience helped a CEO connect with his or her team.
37:27 – How did Sarah help someone with a bad poker face become the CEO?
42:56 – How does Sarah connect with people these days and let them know she’s available?
44:12 – How does Sarah handle virtual speaking engagements?
45:57 – Dave’s business perspective about virtual events     
47:34 How competitive is the world of professional speaking?                                                                                 51:21 Sarah’s advice to herself in her professional development 15 years ago

Sarah Finch Leadership Consultant (773) 799-4571 sfinch@sarahfinch.com

About Sarah Finch:

Sarah Finch has spent more than 20 years as a facilitator, speaker and coach. Throughout her career she has led improv-based corporate learning for The Second City theatre, leadership competency development for the YMCA and high potential and executive leadership programs for companies in the Vista Equity Partners portfolio. Five years ago, she decided it was time to lead her work with her own voice and launched her solo business providing leadership and team development her way – with a unique mix of practical expertise, business acumen and theatre-savvy. She has worked with hundreds of corporate, non-profit, government and manufacturing companies including GE Healthcare, Deloitte, Major League Baseball, Harley Davidson, Kraft, Cisco, the IRS and many others.

An accomplished conference speaker, Sarah has delivered breakout sessions and main stage keynotes with audiences across the country. She is a certified provider and coach for EQi and TruScore 360s and is a Faculty member with Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Sarah holds a BS from Northwestern University’s School of Speech and an MA from New York University’s School of Education.

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