Make More Money and Have More Fun as a Lawyer | Steve Fretzin | #27

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Make More Money and Have More Fun as a Lawyer | Steve Fretzin | #27

by Dave Lorenzo

Make More Money and Have More Fun as a Lawyer

If you want to make more money and have more fun as a lawyer, you cannot miss this episode of The Inside BS Show.

On today’s show Dave Lorenzo and Steve Fretzin share some great ideas for growing a law firm and managing your practice. They also talk about the value in creating a lifestyle practice. If you want to get some great ideas and have a few laughs, you need to join us.


00:00 – Intro: Make More Money and Have More Fun as a Lawyer
01:24 – How a Plane Crash Inspired Steve to Do What He Does
06:00 – How Can a Lawyer Structure a Business to Live Life on His/Her Terms?
09:00 – The Myth of Working Hard vs. Working to Enable Your Lifestyle
11:40 – You Don’t Get Extra Points for Doing Things the Hard Way
13:00 – Steve Debunks the Myth that You Can “Just be a Good Lawyer” and the Clients Will Come
17:00 – The Story of How Someone Bought into the Myth of Having Lots of Employees 
19:00 – The Danger of Winging It
23:15 – What is the Value in Learning from Your Peers?
28:00 – What is the Value of Looking at The Practice of Law with Fresh Eyes?
31:24 – Why Do Failed Lawyers Go Into The Practice of Law? Should You Trust Them?
35:30 – We Don’t Sell Professional Services Work. People Engage Us.
38:30 – Who is Steve’s Ideal Client?

Steve Fretzin Author & Podcast Host Be That Lawyer (847) 602-6911

About Steve Fretzin Driven, focused, and passionate about helping attorneys to reach their full potential, Steve Fretzin is regarded as the premier coach, skills trainer, and keynote speaker on business development for attorneys. Over the past 17 years, Steve Fretzin has devoted his career to helping lawyers master the art of business development to achieve their business goals and the peace of mind that comes with developing a successful law practice. In addition to writing four books on legal marketing and business development, Steve has a highly-rated podcast BE THAT LAWYER, and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s, and He has appeared on NBC News, WGN Radio and has written articles for Attorney at Law Magazine, the National Law Review, the American Bar Association, and the Illinois State Bar Association. You can also find his monthly column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

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