Non Sleazy Networking Strategies for Business Leaders | Show 152

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Business Leaders, Business Strategy, Networking

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Non Sleazy Networking Strategies for Business Leaders | Show 152

by Dave Lorenzo

Non-Sleazy Networking Strategies for Business Leaders

In this video, Nicola Gelormino and Dave Lorenzo discuss non-sleazy networking strategies.

The first strategy is to deliver value first by making meaningful connections and offering help without expecting anything in return.

The second strategy involves using LinkedIn effectively, engaging with content, and establishing warm connections before reaching out.

The third strategy is to ask important, empathetic questions to foster deeper conversations and build relationships.

The fourth strategy suggests bringing a wing person to networking events to make introductions and ease conversations.

The fifth strategy emphasizes the importance of follow-up by delivering ongoing value through newsletters, introductions, and educational content.

Dave and Nicola stress the significance of suspending judgment based on appearances and staying open to unexpected connections. By following these strategies, you can enhance your networking skills and build fruitful professional relationships.


00:00​ – Non Sleazy Networking Strategies for Business Leaders
00:38​ – Deliver Value First
02:43 – Use LinkedIn to Develop Relationships
04:10 – Ask Empathetic Questions
08:18 – Bring a Wingperson with You
10:54 – Suspend Judgement

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