How to Get Into Esports | Inside BS Show | Ben Feferman

by | Jan 2, 2021

If you’ve never heard of eSports, you’re not alone. Many people think playing video games is something only pimple-faced teenage boys do in their mother’s basement.

Not any more.

There are professional leagues of players matching their video game skills for big money.

In 2020, global esports revenue exceeded $1 billion with over 500 million spectators watching tournaments.

On today’s show, I take you inside the business strategy of Canada’s fastest growing esports company – Amuka Esports. Our discussion is with Amuka’s CEO Ben Feferman.

Ben is the CEO of Amuka Esports, a leading esports organization that is in the following verticals:

Media – creating authentic esports authentic for several television and OTT platforms

Events – producing some of the top events for game publishers and different brands

Teams – Parabellum Esports is fieleding competitive rosters in CSGO, R6, Valorant and more.

Arenas – Two esports arenas in Toronto and Windsor.
Ben started in the industry as an investor, then moved into raising capital and providing advisory services and now, as CEO, he is focused on the growth strategy and day-to-day operation of this fast-paced business.

Ben takes us behind the scenes and gives us a window into the hottest industry taking the word by storm.

He has more than 6 years of experience in the esports and gaming industry, starting as an investor, then raising capital and providing advisory services and now running an entire organization.

Welcome to the Inside BS Show Ben Feferman.

ūüďļ Watch and Enjoy!

00:00‚Äč – Intro
02:58‚Äč – What is Esports?
04:30‚Äč – What is Esports Arena | Esport Events
06:14‚Äč – Esports Business Model | Amuka Esports
07:47‚Äč – Esports Competition
10:23‚Äč – What is Esports League | Esports Teams
12:13‚Äč – Parabellum Esports
13:39‚Äč – Esports Content Creators
15:42‚Äč – Esports Players
16:20‚Äč – How Much Do Esport Players Make?
18:38‚Äč – Esports Prize Money
19:39‚Äč – How to Get Into Esports | Ben Feferman‚Äôs Story
21:55‚Äč – Learn More About Esports
25:45‚Äč – Esports Business Plan | Amuka Esports
27:21‚Äč – Esports Revenue Model
28:56‚Äč – Esports Marketing Strategy of Amuka Esports
30:33‚Äč – Future of Esports | Esports Analysis and Predictions
37:51‚Äč – Covid and Esport Business
39:12‚Äč – Amuka Esports Future Plans
44:40‚Äč – Esports Unfiltered – Organized Gaming Youtube Channel

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