Charity is Big Business: How to Make Good Decisions on Donations | Michael Cleavenger

by | Jan 3, 2021

Are you doing enough research before you donate?

Many organizations are not. This interview will help.

On this show, Dave Lorenzo speaks with Michael Cleavenger, a not-for-profit company executive.

Michael Cleavenger has run companies for over 20 years in the Lighting, Natural Gas distribution and Real-estate industries as well as raising venture money in the music industry.

He has over 20 years of experience in non-profit administration and he has raised more than $250 million for major gifts, capital and endowment campaigns.

In this interview, Michael gives a comprehensive overview of how a non-profit organization works, from the operations, sales process and revenues to the employees and people involved. He talks about “big” and “little” donors and why they donate.

Most importantly, Michael discusses what you need to know and look for from these mission-oriented organizations if you want to become a donor.

This video is packed with all the basic knowledge you need about not-for-profit organizations. Watch until the end!
What part of the video is most interesting for you and why? Let me know in the comments section below.


00:00​ – Michael Cleavenger | Not For Profit Development Representative Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

00:25​ – How to Get Involved in a Non Profit Organization | Michael Cleavenger

02:49​ – What Does Not For Profit Mean? | What Does a Not for Profit Business Mean?

04:12​ – Why Donate to a Non Profit?

06:52​ – What Are the Different Types of Non Profit Organizations

08:56​ – Sales Process in Non Profit Organization

10:06​ – Fundraising for Not for Profit Organizations | Best People for Fundraising

11:33​ – Before Giving the Money to Non Profit Organization | Signing a Contract with a Non Profit Organization

16:14​ – How Much Do Not For Profit CEOs Make?

19:26​ – How Much Salary Non Profit?

21:16​ – How to Cultivate Donors in Non Profit?

23:20​ – Non Profit Organizations Tax Benefits

25:40​ – You Have to Know This Before You Give the Money to Not for Profit Organization

29:55​ – Make Sure You Donate the Right Organization | Michael Cleavenger

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