How the Hospitality Industry Survived COVID 19 | Liam Norval

by | Feb 11, 2021

How the Hospitality Industry Recovered from COVID 19

Audio Podcast

Hospitality Industry Recovery from COVID 19

by Dave Lorenzo

The hospitality industry, like many other industries around the world, has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being social in nature, the hospitality industry suffered economically as lockdowns started in 2020. In just a matter of weeks, many hotels, bars, and restaurants have closed and seized business.

How are the restaurant and hotel businesses coping with this crisis? For those who are still operating, how are they doing now? What happened to the hospitality workers?

In this video, Liam Norval answers all these questions and more. Liam, a hospitality expert based in London, shares his strategies during the pandemic.

Liam Norval specializes in Marketing, PR, Sales and Operations. Liam has an impressive performance history in venue openings and managing numerous successful marketing campaigns for his clients in the UK.

He built trusted connections with journalists, businesses, industry professionals and celebrities through hard work and dedication.

In 2019, he opened his own business in London, Posh Cockney. With a team of Hospitality and Lifestyle specialists, Posh Cockney helps hospitality businesses create brand campaigns, launch new products, host events or open venues, and more.

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