Law Firm Diversity is a Competitive Advantage | Katie Phang

by | Jan 25, 2021

Audio Podcast

Law Firm Diversity as a Competitive Advantage

by Dave Lorenzo

In this interview, we take a peek into the life of Katie Phang, who is an entrepreneur and one of the most dynamic and sought-after attorneys in Florida.

Katie Phang earned a political science degree from Yale and a law degree from the University of Miami. She has more than 18 years of trial experience in state and federal courts with a diverse group of clients.

Her practice areas include Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Hospitality and Gaming Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Criminal Defense and Special Investigations, and Crisis Communications and Media Relations.

Katie Phang has been recognized as a Top Lawyer in Corporate and Business Law by the South Florida Legal Guide and Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, and as a Rising Star by American Lawyer Media.

These days, she has a law firm and is a frequent legal contributor for NBC/MSNBC and other media outlets.


0:00​ – Introduction

0:40​ – Average Day of Katie Phang

3:47​ – How to Take Time For Yourself

6:20​ – Going Back to Private Practice

10:20​ – Private Practice Challenges

14:55​ – Katie Phang as a Leader

18:00​ – Katie Phang – TV Legal Analyst

25:03​ – Does TV Help Your Business

31:25​ – Diversity in the Workplace | Law Firm

35:12​ – Teaching Kids Diversity

45:50​ – Diversity in the Workplace | Challenges

49:50​ – How to Have a Conversation About Diversity

51:25​ – Jury Diversity

54:00​ – Diversity and Dialogue

1:04:50​ – Contact Katie Phang

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