Talking Patent Law with Satellite Girl | Arlyn Alonzo | Show 127

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Intellectual Property, Law, Patent

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Talking Patent Law with Satellite Girl | Arlyn Alonzo | Show 127

by Dave Lorenzo

Talking Patent Law with Satellite Girl

About Arlyn Alonzo Arlyn Alonzo is an intellectual property attorney (patents, trademarks, copyright). She has a special concentration on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications as well as support for technically complex patent infringement litigation cases. Arlyn has worked with clients in a variety of high-tech industries, including wireless communication systems and networks, optoelectronics, digital storage media, medical devices, and other electrical and mechanical inventions. Arlyn has also been influential in helping many litigation attorneys find their “super” expert witnesses to win their cases.

Arlyn Alonzo                                                                    Intellectual Property Attorney                                        (310) 853-3827


00:00 – Talking Patent Law with Satellite Girl
01:33 – How did Arlyn get the nickname of “Satellite Girl”?
02:54 – How did Arlyn transition from engineering to Intellectual Property Law?
04:28 – What types of Patents does Arlyn work on as a result of her engineering background?
07:35 – What are the types of intellectual property and what does Arlyn works on?
08:51 – How essential are referrals from other Intellectual Property Attorneys?
10:35 – What is the difference between a Utility Patent, a Design Patent, and a Plant Patent? 
13:12 – Could someone apply for both a utility and a design patent if their idea is unique?
14:24 – What is a patent attorney’s step-by-step approach in their client?
18:04 – What exactly is an Office Action?
22:00 – How often does Arlyn come across the same folks for the same type of invention?
24:13 – Who is Arlyn’s ideal client?
25:47 – What should the client have in order to contact Arlyn?
26:56 –  Why you need a Patent Litigation expert involved in a Patent Litigation Case?
30:33 – How did Arlyn become fluent in four languages?

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