The Future of Law Offices | Grant Drager | #29

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Attorney, Business, Law Firm, Lawyers

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The Future of Law Offices

Do you want a glimpse into the future of law offices? Join us on this episode of The Inside BS Show as Dave Lorenzo speaks with Grant Drager, Vice President of Business Development at Amata Offices. This is a firm that focuses on providing office space and administrative services and their model is the future of how attorneys will work.


00:00 – Introduction: Turn Your Office into a Networking Opportunity
01:30 – Who is Grant Drager and Amata Law Office Suites and What Do They Do?
03:00 – Why Amata is Different and Why do Sole Practitioners Small Law Firms Love Amata?
04:20 – Three Services in One at Amata
05:20 – Where Did the Idea for this Offering Come From?
06:15 – If I Need an Office a Couple of Days Per Week, Is This For Me?
08:37 – How Many Attorneys are in this Network? 
10:00 – What Do Clients Think About Shared Workspace?
12:32 – Grant Explains the Virtual Program and the Permanent Program
17:15 – How Amata and Grant help People with Some Challenges During the Pandemic
20:00 – What Makes Amata Different from Other Shared Workspaces
21:42 – What Are Some of the Challenges Attorneys are Facing Now?
23:00 – Why Do Larger Firms work With Amata?
24:00 – What Are the Lease Terms at Amata?
24:50 – What Are the Challenges Amata Faces?
26:00 – Are People Returning to an Office?                         28:00 What is the Number One Reason to Work with Amata?

Grant Drager VP of Business Development Amata Law Office Suites (312) 523-2030

About Grant Drager As the Vice President of Business Development, Grant uses his knowledge of the office and real estate market in Chicago, his education from DePaul in Paralegal work, and his background is Sales to work with existing as well as prospective clients. Working primarily with Law Firms, and their members, Grant focuses on the Physical office space needs, Administrative and Paralegal support, and Phone Answering and system needs of clients to learn what their pain points are, what they need to achieve their short and long term goals, and how Amata can help them in achieving those goals. Grant has a personal background in Performing (BFA in Musical Theatre) as well as a retail background since childhood. Grant can be seen more regularly on stage as “Blanche Deveraux” in Hell in a Handbag Productions regularly returning new productions of “Golden Girls, the Lost Episodes” He also is an owner of OUTSKIRTS Vintage, a vintage clothing and alteration shop in the Ravenswood Neighborhood in Chicago.

About Amata Amata is unlike any other business in our industry. That is why we are the largest privately owned and managed Office Suites provider in Chicago. With several state-of-the-art facilities located throughout the Chicago loop and Naperville, Amata provides full and part time office solutions to companies of all sizes. Whether you are a large company looking to strategically open a sales office or a small company trying to control your costs, Amata will customize a solution for you!

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