The Hidden Money In Your Business: Employee Tax Credits | Jeff Newcorn | Show 81

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Business, Tax Credit

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The Hidden Money In Your Business: Employee Tax Credits | Jeff Newcorn | Show 81

by Dave Lorenzo

There may be a huge pile of money waiting for you in your business. Jeff Newcorn is the guy who can help you find it. On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Employee Tax Credit expert, Jeff Newcorn. Join us and you’ll discover the opportunity that may exist in your business.


00:00 – The Hidden Money In Your Business: Employee Tax Credits
01:01 – Is it possible to run a marathon in all 50 states?
06:29 – What are Employee Tax Credits?
08:56 – Who is eligible for Tax Credits
11:30 – How much can your business receive from tax credits?
12:52 – Can people still get credit for employee retention during the COVID 19 pandemic?
15:52 – Who Qualifies for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit? 
18:49 – Tax Credits: How do they work?
23:30 – Why do CPAs/Attorneys work with a Tax Credit Expert like Jeff?
30:05 – How did Jeff become a Tax Credit Expert?
31:43 – Which Industries are eligible for tax credits?

Jeff Newcorn Employee Tax Credits Expert (847) 813-6622

About Jeff Newcorn:

Jeff Newcorn, an entrepreneur and proclaimed self-starter, created a professional tax credit business in 1998 and it continues to flourish to this day. His broad background in accounting and financial systems provided the basis to offer a service that was simple to explain and easy for clients to use. His technical background gave him the skills to build a system to manage and track the tax credit his company administers. His business got early traction in the McDonald’s system and has provided these tax credits to over 200 McDonald’s owners. To help sustain these government-enabled credits, Jeff joined a group of leading tax credit companies and participates their lobbying efforts in Washington, where he has met with many of the politicians you see on TV. Jeff’s personal life mirrors the self-starter personality and drive it takes to run a business. After his first marathon in 1996, he tapped into his love of running. Soon after he expanded his love of running and love of travel to pursue the goal of running a marathon in every state, which he completed in 2017. His outdoor passions also include long distance biking both domestically and doing overseas bike trips.

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