The Inside BS of Fraud Investigation | Tracy Coenen | Show 128

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Forensic Accountant, Fraud Investigation

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The Inside BS of Fraud Investigation | Tracy Coenen | Show 128

by Dave Lorenzo

The Inside BS of Fraud Investigation

About Tracy Coenen Tracy Coenen has over two decades of experience in accounting and investigations, and has personally investigated more than 500 frauds in a wide variety of industries. Because she is so hands-on in each investigation, Tracy can testify in depositions or trials with confidence.


00:00​ – The Inside BS of Fraud Investigation
01:34 – How did Tracy become a Forensic Accountant?
02:42 – How did Tracy become a Fraud Investigator?
03:29 – How exciting it is to discover business executives who stole or found money that a spouse thought he or she was incredibly clever and hid.
04:16 – Who is better at hiding money from others: the CEO of the company or the shady spouse?
04:45 – A case study: How Tracy discovered hidden property from a client’s husband
05:58 – How does Tracy approach her job in corporate and divorce cases? 
07:08 – What are some of the most common corporate methods for individuals to commit fraud and steal from huge corporations?
08:33 – How can a client hire Tracy from an attorney?
10:33 – How does Tracy guide her clients through every aspect of the divorce process?
11:30 – How often does Tracy need an attorney to appear in court and get a subpoena to obtain evidence?
12:18 – How much is the divorce penalty for not closing an account?
13:00 – When does Tracy give testimony in court as a fraud investigator?
14:45 – How does a lawyer resolve a matter before presenting a report?
16:32 – What financial guidance Tracy offers to her pals who are preparing to get married
18:12 – Is it best for a couple to have a joint account but keep their own money?                                                         20:13 – The value of financial transparency in a married partnership                                                                              20:51 – What has Tracy witnessed that surprises her in regard to a divorcing couple’s finances?                            21:43 – How vital is it for a married couple to have an in-case of emergency list that is internet secured and stored in a safe deposit box?                                                            24:38 – What is a divorce money guide, and what inspired Tracy to write one?                                                                25:53  – What is the first step in collecting financial documents?                                                                           
  27:07 – How often does a forensic accountant, such as Tracy, find hidden money from a husband of a client who’s facing a divorce settlement                                                       29:29 – How does Tracy handle and protect a pension that someone might be getting, if someone is going through a divorce?                                                                                     31:01 – Where does Tracy fit into the divorce process?          32:12 – In what stage of the divorce process does an attorney consult with a forensic accountant like Tracy? 34:05 – Who is Money Guide for, and where can they find it?                                                                                               34:50 – What is the best way to reach Tracy?

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