The Inside BS on Patents and Intellectual Property Law | Edward Weisz | #41

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The Inside BS on Patents and Intellectual Property Law | Edward Weisz | #41

by Dave Lorenzo

The Inside BS on Patents and Intellectual Property Law

Dave Lorenzo interviews Intellectual Property Attorney Edward Weisz. During this episode of The Inside BS Show we discuss the value of intellectual property to a business as well as many other aspects of intellectual property law.


00:00 – Intro to the Inside BS on Patents and Intellectual Property Law
00:55 – Why was Edward’s Law School Graduation Memorable?
04:00 – Why did Edward Pick Intellectual Property Law?
07:20 – What are the Different Types of Patents?
10:00 – How Do You Decide If You Should Patent Something or Just Keep It as a Trade Secret?
16:40 – What are the Other Types of Intellectual Property?
22:30 – How Does Intellectual Property Add Value to a Business? 
26:50 – Why is a Legal Opinion So Valuable in Intellectual Property Law?
29:50 – What Bothers Edward About the Practice of Law?
32:00 – What is a Patent Troll?

Edward Weisz Intellectual Property Attorney (212) 297-2660

About Edward Weisz

Edward practices in all areas of intellectual property law, most recently focusing his work on U.S. patent and trademark prosecution, counseling, and licensing. Edward prosecutes patent applications and renders legal opinions and advises clients on infringement, freedom to operate, and validity issues in the electrical, mechanical, consumer products, product packaging, and business method arts concerning the following technologies: medical devices, communications systems, home furnishings, plumbing, table top goods, packaging, and telephony (optical and mobile communications) systems, analog and digital circuitry, microelectronics and semiconductor device design, optic and laser technologies (including amplification and optical routing), teleconferencing systems, RF amplification, spectroscopy, thermal dissipation devices, and manufacturing processes. A substantial portion of Edward’s practice is devoted to trademark and copyright matters. He represents and assists clients in all aspects of securing trademark and copyright protection, in litigation, and in the enforcement and licensing of trademarks and copyrights. He has represented clients in pretrial proceedings and in oral and written arguments before federal courts and before examiners and various tribunals of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other U.S. government agencies. Edward earned his electrical engineering undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, College of Engineering in 1987 and his law degree from New York Law School in 1991.

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