The IRS Seizes Your Bank Account and Takes Your Passport. What Do You Do? | Steve Klitzner | #18

by | Mar 2, 2022 | IRS, Tax

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The IRS Seizes Your Bank Account and Takes Your Passport. What Do You Do? | Steve Klitzner | #18

by Dave Lorenzo

The IRS Seizes Your Bank Account and Takes Your Passport. What Do You Do? | Steve Klitzner | #18

You open your mailbox and that’s when you see it. An envelope with a return address that starts with three letters: IRS. What did you do? Did you forget to pay something? Did your CPA make a big mistake? Are you the target of an audit? The United States Government has infinite resources to come after you and take everything. They can seize your bank account, shut down your business and make your life hell. Steve Klitzner is the person people call when this happens to them. He represents people who have been the focus of the IRS’s wrath. On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Steve and uncovers what you can do when the IRS is knocking on your door.


00:00 – Introduction to Solving IRS Problems
01:45 – What is the Most Common Scenario People with IRS Problems Face?
02:41 – The IRS Makes Deals, In Fact, That’s Their Job, Right?
04:00 – Steve Kiltzner Has a Relationship with the IRS and He Tells a Story About How that Has Helped Clients
04:45 – There is Always a Financial Analysis in an IRS Case. What Happens if You Can Pay?
06:00 – What Happens to People Who Fell Behind on Their Taxes But DO NOT Have Money?
06:50 – How Much Information Does the IRS Have? How Much Do They Know? 
07:55  – The Case of the Contractor Who Said Too Much to the IRS…
09:00 The Reason You Should NEVER Talk to the IRS Without Representation
09:15 – When Do People Go to Jail for Not Paying Taxes?
11:38 – Why Licensed Professionals Should Be Highly Concerned About Unpaid Taxes
12:47 – Why Attorneys Sometimes “forget” to Pay Taxes
14:39 – Why April 15 is Not the day to PAY Your Taxes and When You Should Pay
15:30 – Here is the Step-by-Step Timeline for IRS Tax Issues
16:35 – What an IRS Transcript is and Why it is Important
18:27 – The IRS Can Take Your Passport! Who Does This Happen To?                                                                               26:22 What Are the Most Common Red Flags that Trigger an Audit?                                                                                  29:30 Who is a Qualified Tax Professional?                      30:24 Who to Use for Your Taxes if You Are a Business Owner?                                                                                      33:00 What Is an Innocent Spouse and What Happens When Someone Gets Divorced?                                             35:30 Can IRS Debt Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?                38:05 Who is the Person Who Doesn’t Pay Their Taxes? It’s Not Who You Think.                                                               41:45 The Three Things Steve Does for His Clients        45:00 What Steve Does as a Member of the IRS Advisory Council                                                                                      46:15 Why You Should Never Use a Non-Attorney Service that Advertises Tax Relief                                                     48:00 The Advantages for Using an Attorney to Work with the IRS                                                                                        52:53 Steve Works with Clients All Over the Country              53:20 What is the Threshold for Steve to Take on a Case?

Steve Klitzner IRS Problem Resolution Attorney (305) 682-1118

About Steve Klitzner Steven N. Klitzner is a Miami attorney who practices exclusively in the area of IRS Problem Resolution.

Steve is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, United States Tax Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

In 2021, Steve was appointed to a three year term with the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC). The IRSAC presents an annual report of recommendations to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

He is a charter member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, a member of its Continuing Professional Education Committee, and a recipient of the organization’s Top Practitioner Award. He is a member of the Advisory Board and a Consulting Member of the Tax Freedom Institute, an association of tax professionals in defense of taxpayer rights.

Steve frequently lectures around the country, speaking to enrolled agents, attorneys, and certified public accountants in the areas of collections, audits, and appeals.

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