The RIGHT Way to Set Up a Business | Leslee Cohen | Show 55

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Business, Lawyers

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The RIGHT Way to Set Up a Business | Leslee Cohen | Show 55

by Dave Lorenzo

The RIGHT Way to Set Up a Business

This Inside BS Show is essential for anyone starting a business. It is also critical for anyone who wants to raise money. Today Dave Lorenzo interviews Leslee Cohen, a self-proclaimed start-up lawyer.

Leslee is an amazing resource and this show is a master class in business entity formation. Watch it right now.


00:00 – Introduction: The RIGHT Way to Set Up a Business
02:02  – Why Should A Business that is Just Starting Hire a Lawyer?
04:04  – Will Moving your Firm to a Different City affect your Tax Situation?
05:10  – A Day In The Life of Leslie Cohen
10:36  – Let’s Say You Start a Business in Your House and Get a Deal on Shark Tank – Now What?
13:33  – What is The Difference Between Debt And Equity?
18:12  – Should You Hold Assets in Separate Businesses?
20:52  – How Should a Business Be Organized if You Operate in Different Jurisdictions?
25:39  – How did Leslee Become a Detail-Oriented Person?
28:12  – Where did the name All Rise Legal Counsel come from?
30:36  – What are the Strategic and Business Considerations for using SPAC?
36:12  – How Leslee prepares Grants and Loans for her Clients
37:43  – A Great Success Story for a Business Start -up
40:08  – A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Business
42:12   – How to pay Lawyers if You’re a Starting Business

Leslee Cohen Start-up Lawyer (312) 445-9620

About Leslee Cohen

Leslee Cohen concentrates her transactional practice in securities law, corporate finance and general corporate law. She counsels a variety of entities, from small entrepreneurs and start-up companies to large established businesses, across many industries from real estate to technology in connection with private placements of both equity and debt securities, including venture capital, private equity and “friends and family” investments.

She also handles general corporate matters including commercial contract drafting and review, stockholder and limited liability company agreements and structuring, business restructurings, employment and consulting agreements, and equity incentive plans and agreements, on behalf of a diverse group of clients. Leslee also structures, negotiates and documents significant business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, joint ventures and other business combinations and financial transactions.

Leslee received her BA from University of Michigan (GO BLUE) and her JD from New York University School of Law

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