The Success Formula of a Repeat Champion | Show 187

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Business, Champion

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In this episode of the Inside BS Show, hosts Nicola Gelormino (Nicki G) and Dave Lorenzo delve into the concept of ensuring the continued success of a business year after year. Drawing inspiration from an interview with legendary quarterback Tom Brady, they emphasize the power of consistent discipline, not just in the world of sports but in personal and professional spheres as well.

Show Notes: The Success Formula of a Repeat Champion

Segment 1:  Holding onto Success

– Emphasizes the challenge of maintaining success once achieved.
– Uses the analogy of winning a championship and then working hard to ensure no one takes it from you.
– Highlights Tom Brady’s mindset: After securing his position following Bledsoe’s injury, he worked relentlessly to ensure no one could take it away.

Segment 2: The Importance of Preparation

– Explains how preparation in advance is where victories are won, whether it’s a trial, a speech, or a game.
– Discusses the emphasis on the hours and years of preparation, honing skills, and perfecting delivery rather than just the execution moment.
– Points out that genuine mastery and confidence come from this thorough preparation.

Segment 3: Delivering in the Moment

– The culmination of hard work is showcased when you deliver in the real moment, like Tom Brady demonstrating his skills on Sundays.
– Mentions that anyone can achieve success by flawlessly executing the fundamentals, sacrificing, and surrounding themselves with the right people.
– Talks about his own experience doing standup comedy late at night, honing his skills in challenging environments, emphasizing perseverance and dedication.

Segment 4: Daily Commitment to Success

– Nicola emphasizes the need for individuals to consistently put in the hard work and make sacrifices to achieve success.
– Discusses the importance of building success day by day, focusing on the unseen efforts.
– Points out that success is not about having innate talent but about putting in consistent work.

Segment 5: Handling Haters and Staying Consistent

– Dave Lorenzo discusses the naysayers in every profession and how dedication and consistent effort are the clues to future success.
– Shares a personal anecdote about conducting a meeting from a closet in his parents’ house, stressing the importance of consistency and dedication.

Segment 6: Closing Thoughts

– Nicola challenges listeners to decide on the level of dedication they will bring to their work, emphasizing the importance of daily decisions in determining overall success.
– Dave wraps up by encouraging listeners to share the show with others to help spread the insights and knowledge.

Endnote: Dave Lorenzo and Nicola Gelormino stress the importance of daily dedication, consistent hard work, and sacrifices to achieve and maintain success.

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