The Time Nicki G was the Easter Bunny | Fun Friday | Show 134

by | Jul 7, 2023 | Business Development

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The Time Nicki G was the Easter Bunny | Fun Friday | Show 134

by Dave Lorenzo

The Time Nicki G was the Easter Bunny

On Fridays on The Inside BS Show, we like to have a little fun. This is one of the first shows Dave and Nicola did together. It was filmed during the NBA finals and, in completely unscripted fashion, Nicola asks Dave a question about his wardrobe. She wasn’t expecting him to turn the question around to her and she reveals the time she dressed as the Easter Bunny and had to retreat to the safety of the kitchen before things got ugly.


00:00​ –The Time Nicki G was the Easter Bunny
00:32​ – Nicola Spots Oversized Shoes at NBA Game
00:55 – What is the Most Ridiculous Thing Dave Has Worn?
03:12 – What is the Most Ridiculous Thing Nicola Has Worn?
04:55 – The Problem Dave Had with a Santa Suit
05:45 – The Irrational Fear Lorenzos Have of Clowns

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