The Value of a Medical Sherpa | Gerda Maissel | Show 119

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Healthcare, Patient Advocate

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The Value of a Medical Sherpa | Gerda Maissel | Show 119

by Dave Lorenzo

The Value of a Medical Sherpa

Dr. Gerda Maissel, known as “Dr. Gerda the Medical Sherpa” is a physician with 10+ years of hospital/health system c-suite experience. When her mother was pregnant with her older brother she caught German Measles. Her brother was born with Congenital Rubella Syndrome. Growing up, Dr. Maissel saw the medical system treat both her mother and brother with a lack of dignity and respect. She chose to become a physician to help improve others’ experiences. She chose the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation because of the focus on function in the context of people’s lives and families. Dr. Maissel was pulled into leadership early on, rising up to become a Chief Medical Officer or Medical Group President inside several different health systems. My MD Advisor is her ‘pandemic baby’.

Gerda Maissel

Patient Advocate

(845) 316-0175


00:00​ – The Value of a Medical Sherpa
01:08​ – How did Dr. Gerda become a patient advocate?
04:57​ – How valuable is Dr. Gerpa’s work to her patients?
08:30 How Dr. Gerda can assist you if you receive a serious diagnostic result
15:14​ – What role does Dr. Gerda play in helping patients better understand the doctor’s explanation of diagnosis results?
20:51​ – How can Dr. Gerda assist patients in making clinical trial treatment decisions?
23:47​ – A case using Dave’s Son.
​ – The benefits of working with a patient advocate
​ – A case scenario: How Dr. Gerda’s assistance saves a patient time and money
​ – What is the difference between a patient advocate and a primary care physician?
38:26​ – Dave’s story: How can a doctor’s straightforward honesty about a patient’s medical results be helpful
39:52​ – What Dr. Gerda enjoys most about being a patient advocate

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