This Content Marketing Strategy Makes You an Expert

by | Dec 23, 2021 | Marketing Strategy

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Stop thinking about becoming a thought leader and start thinking about becoming an expert. What’s the difference? An expert creates content that solves problems. An expert sources ideas for his/her content from clients. Solving problems should be the focus of your content.

On this episode of the Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo, The Godfather of Growth, helps you with your content marketing strategy.


00:00 – This Content Marketing Strategy Makes You an Expert
01:02 – Demonstrate Expertise by Creating Content That Solves Problems
01:53 – Speaking Engagements are a Great Way to Demonstrate Your Expertise
03:50 – Publishing Makes You An Expert if You Write about Client Issues
05:14 – Being Featured in the Media is an Excellent Way to Be Viewed as an Expert
07:00 – Connect Your Clients to Each Other and You’ll Be Viewed as an Expert

đź“şWatch and Enjoy!

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