What are Business Development Services?

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Business Development

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What are Business Development Services?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business, this video on business development services will help.

If you are in professional services, this business development services video will help you identify where your team is lacking and where you can bolster them.

If you are a consultant, this is your guide to help other people grow.


00:00 – What are Business Development Services? – Introduction
01:24 – Business Development Services are a Guide to Growth
02:28 – Business Development Requires Significant Expertise in Multiple Areas
03:06 – How to Make It Easy for Your Team to Implement the Business Development Services
04:44 – The Four Elements of Qualifying a Client
06:30 – Business Development Requires You Identify Client Needs
07:05 – If You Build Your Business Development System Right it Nurtures Prospects Until They Become Clients 
07:48  – The Big Secret to Your Growth with a Business Development System

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