What Does it take to be an Entrepreneurial Lawyer? | Matthew Formeller | Show 51

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Entrepreneurial Lawyer, Law Firm

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What Does it take to be an Entrepreneurial Lawyer? | Matthew Formeller | Show 51

by Dave Lorenzo

What Does It Take to be an Entrepreneurial Lawyer?

If you want to make a great living and live a great life as a lawyer, this is the show for you. Matt Formeller is a lawyer and an entrepreneur and he is leading his business into the world beyond COVID. Matt has a true entrepreneurial spirit and all sole practitioners and small law firms can learn from him.

Join us as we discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur and also a lawyer. This is a special Inside BS Show.


00:00 Introduction: What Does it Take to be an Entrepreneur and a Lawyer?

01:01 What is Matt’s Formula for Success

08:12 How Does Working with Family Impact the Practice of Law?

13:06 Is it Important to have a Solid Partnership Agreement?

15:23 Why is a Buy Sell Agreement Important in any Business Relationship?

20:10 How Important is Business Development?

31:27 What is Matt’s Secret to Keeping in Touch with People and Staying on their Radar?

37:02 Who is Matt’s Ideal Client?

đź“şWatch and Enjoy!


Matthew Formeller

Founding Partner

Formiller Law

(312) 207-1682




About Matthew Foremeller:

Since founding Formeller & Formeller LLP in 2011 with his Partner Christina, Matthew has focused his practice on providing guidance and representation to new and established businesses and business owners. He works closely with his clients as outside general counsel to assist them with their business legal needs. Matthew regularly advises and assists with the formation of new businesses and the structuring of ownership, the purchase and sale of businesses, the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts, and the protection of assets. Additionally, Matthew routinely represents his clients in formal and administrative legal proceedings.

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