What If There Was No Tomorrow? Would Your Family Be OK? | Terry Clancy | #26

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Estate Planning

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What If There Was No Tomorrow? Would Your Family Be OK? | Terry Clancy | #26

by Dave Lorenzo

What If There Was No Tomorrow? Would Your Family Be OK?

We all hate to think about our death. That’s normal. But not thinking about it could have some horrible consequences. On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo discusses the importance of having an estate plan with Theresa Clancy. Terry had a life event that brought this issue into focus for her and now she is an evangelist for good estate planning.

If you love your family, you cannot afford to miss this show.


00:00 – Introduction to Why You Need an Estate Plan
01:00 – Terry Clancy’s Story
07:24 – Don’t Be a Happy Wanderer. Plan.
08:05 – What is the Probate Process?
10:06 – How Can You Avoid Probate?
11:40 – What is a Revocable or Living Trust?
12:30 – What is the Difference Between a Living Trust and an Irrevocable Trust? 
14:00 – How Do You bring Up Estate Planning with Loved Ones?
19:30 – What Questions Should You Answer When Doing an Estate Plan?
22:03 – Is Estate Planning Different for Same Sex Couples?
23:00 – What is “The Birthday Book?”
27:00 – How DO We Coach People to Get Them to Give a Medical Directive?
29:15 – How Does Estate Planning Help with Asset Protection?
31:00 – Terry Does a Barefoot Contessa Cookoff!!!
34:00 – Who Should Worry about Estate Tax?

Terry Clancy Estate Planning Attorney (708) 819-1580 theresa.clancy@theresaclancylaw.com https://theresaclancylaw.com/

About Theresa Clancy I make estate planning easy, efficient, and effective so you can check it off the to do list and feel protected for the unexpected. I have been doing estate planning since my husband had a heart attack. I am married with four children who are either attending college or have graduated college (yeah!). I am a big proponent of family dinner and I love cooking (I’m a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Fan!).

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