What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer? | Jeremy Kanne | Show 113

by | May 30, 2023 | CFO, Marketing

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What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer? | Jeremy Kanne | Show 113

by Dave Lorenzo

Jeremy Kanne started Smart Yeti originally as a full-service creative agency servicing many individual marketing needs. Using his background in Marketing, Engineering, & CMOx’s Functional Marketing® process, Jeremy turned Smart Yeti into a company focused on helping B2B professional service companies grow faster with a fractional chief marketing officer.

In this interview, Tim Kubiak discusses the challenges brought by the pandemic to salespeople, and shares his secrets to coping with these challenges and adapting to change in the sales process.


+ Create a marketing strategy that fosters predictable growth

+ Manage KPIs so your marketing makes you money + Correct your brand messaging and positioning

+ Create systems for your team to follow

+ Map out your customer journey

+ Hire marketing employees and consultants to execute

+ Eliminate holdups to keep your marketing team moving

+ Direct marketing resources according to your business needs

TO LEARN MORE: jeremy@smartyeti.co


00:00​ –  What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?
01:00​ – How did Jeremy become a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?
02:10​ – What is the Best Firm to Contact for Jeremy?
03:36​ – What is the Role of a CMO in a Startup?
04:56​ – How involved is the CMO in the Tactics of a Client’s Business?
09:52​ – How much does a CMO Assist to Evaluation Process in a Business?
​ – What is the Key Value of a Fractional CMO?
​ – How did Smart Yeti become High Level?
​ – What is the Future of CMO Marketing Effectiveness?
19:15​ – How Effective is Video Discoverability Today?
20:53​ – What are some Offline Business Strategies?
23:02​ – Utilizing both Offline and Internet Networking to Support Business Growth
27:00​ – How CMOs Help Clients Stand Out in a Crowded Market
28:30​ – How CMOs Can Establish Great Relationships and an Effective Marketing Campaign With Customers?


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