What is B2B Lead Generation

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Sales


If you’re looking to increase your sales leads this is the video for you. Today I share my seven-step formula for increasing sales leads in any service business. Here’s what we cover:

Step one: Identify Ideal Client: This is a critical component of any sales funnel. You must know who the appropriate target is before you begin selling to them. We help you with this in step one.

Step two: Target Clients Through Trade Associations: This is where you target your sales leads in groups. If you want to increase sales, you must target them through trade associations or organizations. This is a fast-acting sales lead generation strategy.

Step three: Offer an Educational Product: This step in the lead generation process is all about converting suspects into prospects. May people look to jump right into selling a service or a product without taking the time to build a relationship. This step forces you to increase sales leads through relationship development.

Step four: Follow-up with a Phone Call: Need a lead generation call script? This step has it.

Step five: Follow-up with an Invitation to an Event: Get them in front of you and teach them why they need you. That is the next step in the process.

Step Six: Send an Educational Email Each Week: Following up and nurturing your sales leads is critical. This is how you do it.

BIG SECRET: Don’t miss this step. It will help you grow quickly.


00:00 – Intro to How to increase sales leads
00:39 – Identify Ideal Client
01:55 – Target Clients Through Trade Associations
03:06 – Offer an Educational Product
04:20 – Follow-up with a Phone Call
05:04 – Follow-up with an Invitation to an Event
05:35 – Send an Educational Email Each Week 
06:10BIG SECRET: Don’t miss this step. It will help you grow quickly and with less effort

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