What Is Elder Law? Why It Is Important to You | Stephanie Sexauer | #46

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Elder Law, Estate Planning

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What Is Elder Law? Why It Is Important to You | Stephanie Sexauer | #46

by Dave Lorenzo

What is Elder Law?

This episode of the Inside BS Show features Stephanie Sexauer, a Trust and Estates Attorney. Stephanie helps us understand all of the aspects of estate planning. We begin our conversation with a complete description of elder law and we finish with some interesting things you will want to review if you have a family.

Join us for a highly informative Inside BS Show.


00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – Stephanie’s Story: How She Became a Trust and Estates Lawyer
03:00 – What is Elder Law?
06:10 – What Documents Do We All Need?
08:45 – What is a Health Care Power of Attorney?
10:35 – What is a Trust?
13:10 – How a Trust Can Help with Privacy Concerns? 
19:58 – Who Should Never Put an Asset In Their Name?
22:30 – The Role of Trusts and Estates in Asset Protection
25:48 – Why You Should Separate Assets from Your Main Business
30:10 – How Does Asset Protection Impact Partnerships?
32:00 – Why Every Business Needs Keyperson Insurance
38:46 – A Great Message From Stephanie Sexauer About Helping Our Neighbors

Stephanie Sexauer Attorney and Founder Sexauer Law (312) 300-4743 www.sexauerlaw.com sms@sexauerlaw.com

About Stephanie Sexauer

Stephanie Sexauer has worked exclusively handling probate, estate, and adult guardianship matters since she first started practicing law. She began her studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where she earned a BFA before pursuing legal studies at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Stephanie has helped hundreds of Chicago families handle the murky waters of probate. She is frequently appointed by Cook County judges as a “Guardian ad Litem” to observe and make recommendations as to the best interests of senior citizens.

When she’s not at work, Stephanie serves on the board of the Red Shoe Society, a group that works to financially benefit and bring awareness to the families living at the Ronald McDonald houses of Chicago.

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