Where to Find the Hidden Money in Your Business | Neil Schwan | Show 99

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Expense Reduction Expert

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Where to Find the Hidden Money in Your Business | Neil Schwan | Show 99

by Dave Lorenzo

Where to Find the Hidden Money in your Business

On today’s Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews expense reduction expert Neil Schwan.


00:00 – Where to Find the Hidden Money in Your Business
00:52 – How did Neil become an Expense Reduction Expert?
02:59 – Where does Neil find the most savings in businesses?
04:11 – How does Neil’s approach work?
06:17 – What role does the Expense Reduction Expert play in a larger organization?
08:47 – What areas of a company do Expense Reduction Experts examine?
09:20 – A Successful Case Study 
15:36 – How does Neil capitalize on having a large number of vendor relationships?
18:13 – How long does it take an Expert Reduction expert to work with a business client?
19:52 – A case study in which Neil is involved in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
20:47 – What other industries does an Expense Reduction Expert serve?
23:24 – Can an Expense Reduction Expert assist people with insurance issues?
24:19 – What business industries would an Expense Reduction Expert not be a good fit for?

Neil Schwan Expense Reduction Expert (630) 381-0037 neil.schwan@schooleymitchell.com

About Neil Schwan: 28 years of helping clients improve their businesses has led me to this moment. I help businesses reduce many of their vendor expenses, with no upfront cost. There is nothing better than, delivering “Found Money” for my clients and partners. I get a charge out of hearing a client say “ WOW! This is great! I can’t believe how much money you recovered!

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