Who Wants to Be More Influential? | Stacey Hanke | Show 83

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Communication, Influence

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Who Wants to Be More Influential? | Stacey Hanke | Show 83

by Dave Lorenzo

Who Wants to Be More Influential?

You need people to adopt your ideas. What you say, how you say it, and how it is perceived, make all the difference when it comes to influence and persuasion.

The title of this video could have been “How to be more influential.” If we had used that title, it wouldn’t have attracted your attention and you would not be pulled into watching it. Today’s show is all about helping you help your clients. On this INside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews author Stacey Hanke about her work in the field of influence and persuasion.

If you would like to help more people, in your work and in your personal life, this is a show you cannot miss.


00:00 – Who Wants to be more influential?
01:00  – Why did Stacey focus her research on influence?
02:53 – What are the long and short games of influence?
06:02 – What is the difference between rational and emotional elements of influence?
09:10 – Why do people think they are so influential?
11:42 – How you should receive feedback and what you should do with that info.
13:12 – How to deal with your own self-perception 
16:58 How can we avoid crossing the line between persuasion and manipulation?
22:17 – How can you convince people to adopt YOUR idea as THEIR idea?
24:39 – Intellectual Curiosity can be an influence superpower. Here’s how
27:10 – How does Stacey help people in using communication to influence others?
29:46 – A guarantee you can make to your clients
32:48 – Dave emphasizes Stacey’s valuable advice on how to be influential by demonstrating dedication to your work.
36:19 – The right way to practice influence (like Michael Jordan)

Stacey Hanke Author, Consultant & Professional Speaker stacey@staceyhankeinc.com (773) 209-5970

Stacey Hanke is author of the book; Influence Redefined…Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday®.

Stacey is the founder of Stacey Hanke Inc. She has trained and presented to thousands to rid business leaders of bad body language habits and to choose words wisely in the financial industry to the healthcare industry to government and everyone in between. Her client list is vast from FedEx, McDonalds, Google, Kraft Heinz, Nationwide, Boeing, Discover and Oracle. In addition to her client list, she has been the Emcee for Tedx. She has inspired thousands as a featured guest on media outlets including; The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive, SmartMoney magazine, The Economist and Business Week.

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