Why Should You Learn Consultative Sales?

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Consultative Selling

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Why Should You Learn Consultative Selling?

If you watched the TV series The Wire, you’re familiar with Omar Little (Michael K. Williams). Omar was many things and among those he was a “street philosopher.” There is much wisdom to be gleaned from Omar Little and I’ve found some for us today about Consultative Sales.


00:00 – Why Should You Learn Consultative Selling?
00:30 – Who is Omar Little and What Can He Teach Us About Consultative Sales?
01:12 – The BIG Opportunity Consultative Sales Offers Professionals and Business Leaders
01:40 – THE GAME for Long Sales Cycles is to Develop as Many Relationships as You Can
02:00 – What You Should Do If You are Starting a Career in High Ticket Sales Today
03:24 – Consultative Sales Means Putting Relationships Before Transactions

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