Your Blind Spots Are Killing Your Business | Show 185

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Business

Audio Podcast

Your Blind Spots Are Killing Your Business | Show 185

by Dave Lorenzo

In this episode of the Inside BS Show, Nicola Gelormino and Dave Lorenzo dive deep into the topic of blind spots and how they can affect our personal and professional lives.

Introduction: The episode begins with Nicki introducing the topic of how blind spots can have a detrimental effect on businesses. Dave comments on his new headset, humorously comparing his look to a European soccer announcer or an air traffic controller.

Nicola’s Personal Story: Nicola shares a poignant personal story about an acquaintance with documented disabilities. This person, who has a handicapped parking pass, was confronted in a parking lot for using a handicapped spot. The person questioning them assumed the disability was non-existent since it wasn’t visually evident. Nicola reveals that the confronter is someone she knows professionally and has interacted with for years. She expresses her shock at the insensitivity displayed.

Blind Spots: Nicola highlights that the story is a perfect example of blind spots – where the person confronting made assumptions based solely on visual evidence. This not only has repercussions on a personal level but can translate to professional ones too.

Dave’s Perspective: Dave expresses gratitude that Nicola sought his perspective on the situation. He acknowledges her vulnerability in sharing the story and attempts to explore the mindset of the individual who made the confrontation. Dave introduces a hypothetical scenario – if the confronter had a handicapped child, would that alter perceptions of the confrontation? While it wouldn’t justify the behavior, it might offer some context.

Key Points:
  • Context Matters: The conversation kicks off with the idea that understanding the background of a person’s actions can help recontextualize them. This doesn’t mean excusing negative behavior, but rather understanding its roots to address the issue more effectively.
  • Empathy as a Tool: Both Dave and Nicola emphasize the importance of empathy. By putting oneself in the other person’s shoes, it’s easier to understand their actions and the underlying reasons behind them.
  • The Business Context: Nicola expands the topic by discussing how blind spots don’t only impact personal relationships but also have implications in the business world. A failure to recognize these blind spots can lead to deteriorating professional relationships, loss of clients, or even employees leaving.
  • Seeking External Help: Having a trusted circle who can point out your blind spots is crucial. This is because blind spots, by their very nature, are hard for individuals to identify by themselves.
  • Role Reversal as a Solution: Dave offers a practical solution by suggesting role reversal or reframing the discussion. This helps individuals see the issue from the other person’s perspective, fostering understanding and resolution.
  • Personalizing Workplace Relations: Nicola further emphasizes the importance of truly knowing the people you work with. By understanding their personal circumstances, leaders can address issues more effectively. Immediate reactions without understanding can lead to escalated conflicts.
  • Final Takeaway: Recognizing and addressing blind spots, both personal and professional, is essential. The conversation underlines the importance of empathy, open communication, and understanding as tools to handle these effectively.
The conversation is an enlightening discussion about interpersonal dynamics, the role of empathy in resolving conflicts, and the importance of recognizing and addressing blind spots in both personal and professional settings. It offers actionable advice for anyone looking to improve their relationships and interactions with others.

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